Food & Beverage Regulatory

Our Food & Beverage Regulatory team, led by Nicolas Carbonnelle, boasts some of the world’s leading regulatory lawyers, many of whom have long-standing relationships with European and national regulators and a superb network in political, economic and management circles.

Our expertise and advice covers all phases of the product life cycle, from research and development through to manufacturing and production; packaging and distribution; advertising and selling; and disposal and recycling.

We can provide you with regulatory support and advice in a number of key areas, including:

  • Feed and farming
  • Food contact materials 
  • Food supplements 
  • Novel food
  • Labelling and claims
  • Food safety

We can help you develop strategies for resolving regulatory changes, manage your relationships with regulators and, where possible, help you to achieve regulatory clarification from national, regional or local governments. As these are increasingly cross-border in nature, our international network of practitioners advises on all regulatory issues faced by the industry across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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