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Beyond regulatory compliance, organisations are increasingly interested in understanding best data privacy practices within their industry as an opportunity to leverage the data they hold as an asset.

With over 20 years' experience in data protection, our team of expert lawyers and consultants can help optimise your privacy practices and unlock the potential of your data. Our longstanding practical experience on how organisations deal with data protection means we take a hands-on approach to all issues, advising not just on the letter of the law, but also making practical and risk-aware suggestions to our clients. 

We can assist with:

Benchmarking privacy practices

To ensure you are aligned with the best practices within your industry, we can assist by acting as a trusted third party who will survey organisations’ privacy related practices and approaches on an anonymous basis. To maximise opportunities and share knowledge within your organisation, our team can organise privacy workshops and hackathons, providing you with practical takeaways at the end of each session.

Data Management 

The record of processing activities (ROPA) is a fundamental tool for data governance (data management, data security, data regulation and quality control). Organisations often struggle identifying the key stakeholders to involve in the process of assembling the ROPA. We can support you at every step of the process.

Keeping a record of all vendors with access to personal data is a key exercise to ensure that they process personal data in line with the standards of your organisation. We can help you identify data flows to vendors and operationalise the key privacy requirements when engaging with them, which can be supplemented with the support of Bird & Bird's top ranked data protection lawyers to review your contracts.

In a context where the risk of processing data has significantly increased, organisations are encouraged to use data minimisation, pseudonymisation and anonymisation. We can support you in identifying the data you hold, define which of these solutions are appropriate and in implementing them within your systems.

Implementing privacy governance

The cornerstone of organisations’ ongoing privacy compliance is an appropriate governance framework. Taking into account your industry, the size of your organisation and your business requirements, we can help you design your strategy and advise on the best privacy governance models. This service is provided with the support of consultants and Bird & Bird's top ranked data protection lawyers.

Having a privacy program in place allows organisations to ensure continuous and consistent rules to cover the main international privacy laws and regulations. We can help you implement, run and enhance your privacy program.

We can perform a high-level privacy health check on key controls to verify your organisation's compliance status and develop an action plan to provide you with a roadmap to address any gaps, accompanying you in tracking the progress of the different areas of improvement over time.

Privacy technology tools are a useful resource to speed up privacy compliance tasks in your organisation. We can provide advice on the wide range of tools available on the market, as well as help you incorporate those into your internal business operations.

Whether you wish to assemble your ROPA, build a privacy program, or implement your newly adopted BCRs, we can provide data protection consultants who will bring on board project management skills, to ensure your project achieves all of its goals.


Undertaking training and awareness is a critical part of data privacy compliance. Your staff will benefit from bespoke sessions designed to increase their awareness of the data they handle, and what to do in situations such as a data breach. 

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