Global Data Protection Officer Services

Under the GDPR, you must appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO) if you carry out certain types of data processing activities or you are a public authority. The DPO informs, trains and advises your organisation and employees on data protection obligations, provides advice on data protection impact assessments, monitors compliance with data protection law, acts as a point of contact for data subjects and supervisory authorities, and must be able to report directly to the highest management level in your organisation.

Benefitting from Bird & Bird’s market-leading and top-ranked data protection practice, Bird & Bird Privacy Solutions can act as your external DPO and offer full access to the know-how and expertise. We’ll provide an experienced data protection specialist who will act as your point of contact and support you in meeting your global DPO obligations. 

Supporting your compliance

After learning more about your data processing activities, we will actively monitor and support your compliance with the GDPR and other data protection regulatory requirements. We will be accessible to individuals, as well as supervisory authorities. We will:


  • Set up regular, proactive catch-up meetings with you and your key stakeholders to discuss the new data protection initiatives and answer any questions your business functions may have, and any queries or  complaints from individuals or supervisory authorities
  • Schedule periodic reviews with your privacy, legal and IT teams and other privacy staff.


  • Handle queries from individuals or supervisory authorities
  • Respond to specific requests for advice
  • Conduct data protection impact assessments
  • Assist on your response to data breaches and other incidents.


  • Perform reviews of your departments to assess any changes to their level of compliance.


  • Run training sessions every year, to be delivered in person or online.


  • Deliver an annual report to your senior management team confirming the work we have undertaken and detailing any change in your level of compliance.

Benefits of outsourcing your DPO function

The DPO is required to carry out tasks which draw on a wide skillset, including legal expertise, an understanding of information technology, cybersecurity, business and project management. In addition, your DPO should have proven experience in data protection related issues. Outsourcing your DPO function enables your organisation to rely on a team which utilises this skillset.

The DPO must also be able to act independently, which means that they cannot hold a position within the organisation that would lead him or her to determine the purposes and the means of the processing of personal data. This can be difficult to implement internally since most of your suitable internal resources might also be involved in the decision making about personal data processing.

Outsourcing the DPO function can help you successfully fulfil these requirements.

A unified view of compliance

Our online DPO Dashboard is a comprehensive ‘one-stop shop’ for instructing, reporting and more. This collaborative platform provides complete oversight of ongoing advice, DPIAs and DPO contact requests. It also offers complete transparency on DPO service management, as well as year-on-year reporting and statistics.

Our global Data Protection Officer services are provided from our offices throughout the EU by Bird & Bird DPO Services SRL, a Bird & Bird Privacy Solutions service line.

Comply with EU privacy laws and appoint your trusted data protection officer here 

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“The FIA has been using Bird & Bird’s DPO services for two years. We are fully satisfied with their competence, availability and speed. Bird &Bird have assisted our Data Protection Advisor in the development of various policies necessary to comply with applicable data protection laws. In addition, Bird & Bird provided substantial support in handling data subjects requests and various other queries from third parties regarding FIA's handling of personal data. Overall, we are very pleased with our collaboration with Bird & Bird in building our data protection compliance program and would welcome further opportunities to work together in the future. They enabled us to develop our internal skills, with our DPA becoming DPO at the end of their support.”Jean-Baptiste Pinton, Chief Administrative Officer & Deborah Civico, Data Protection Advisor

Federation Internationale de l'Automobile, 2021

‘We use the services of Bird & Bird Privacy Solutions (external DPO) across Europe. The advice they provide is very consistent in all EU markets which is very attractive to us. We have a relationship partner who helps us comply with the various legal requirements in each market where we operate. This saves us time. We feel safe getting Bird & Bird’s advice.’

Legal 500 UK 2021

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