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Streamlining service delivery

We were managing a large volume of data protection assessments for a major technology and entertainment client. The high number of assessment requests made them challenging to manage, and it was difficult to give the client a full overview of all the work we were doing.

The LPD team were brought in to implement processes to hep things run more smoothly across the clients studios. This freed up the time of the lawyers so they could focus on delivering work. They did this with:

  • twoBirds Access – they created a site where all of the clients locations had an individual dashboard. Requests could also be submitted via Access, meaning the site acted as a single location to track incoming work, and report on WIP and completed work.

  • A single point of contact from within the LPD team to track and coordinate requests, actions and deadlines. This helped to minimise the risk of requests getting siloed or missed, and meant there was clear ownership of the project.

  • Smartsheets, used internally to track tasks, and externally to give gaming studios an overview of all current and historical requests. We shared a weekly Smartsheet report with the client to improve visibility.

The LPD team’s processes helped to streamline overall service delivery. Ultimately, this improved efficiency and drove down legal costs. The use of technology and regular reporting also helped to strengthen client relationships by assuring them of our overall progress.