World Competition Law and Economics Review

1 Editor's Note

5 The Increased Level of EU Antitrust Fines, Judicial Review and the ECHR Wouter P.J. Wils

31 Passin-on Defence and Indirect Purchaser Standing: Should the Passing-on Defence Be Rejected Now the Indirect Purchaser Has Standing after Manfredi and the White Paper of the European Commission Mr Drs Süleyman Parlak

55 Fines against Parent Companies in EU Antitrust LAw: Setting Incentives for 'Best Practice Compliance' Karl Hofstetter and Melanie Ludescher

77 Using Abuse of Collective Dominance in Article 102 TFEU to Fight Tacit Collusion: The Problem of Proof and Interferential Error Félix E. Mezzanotte

103 The Standstill Obligation in the ECMR Frederic Depoortere and Stephane Lelart

121 Excessive Pricing and the Prohibition of the Abuse of a Dominant Position Alla Pozdnakova

141 South Africa's Corporate Leniency Policy: A Five-Year Review Chantal Lavoie

163 Competition Law in Vietnam: A Critique  Mark Furse

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