World Competition Law and Economics Review

483 Editor's Note

485 Constraining Drug Supply: Product Positioning, Patent Protection and Regulatory Standards Ralf Boschek

499 Assessment of Mergers Inducing Coordinated Effects in the Presence of Explicit Collusion Dr Ioannis Kokkoris

523 Direct versus Indirect Proof of the Airtours Criterion in Impala Félix E. Mezzanotte

541 In Pursuit of an Innovation Policy Rationale: Stakes and Limits under Article 82 TEC Inge Govaere

557 New PAradigm for Recovery of Unlawful Aid in the EU - National Judges and the 'Exception of Compatibility' Benjamin Cheynel and Adrien Giraud

575 Global Antitrust Prosecutions of International Cartels: Focus on Asia John M. Connor

607 Revisiting Competition Law of India: Changing Dimensions in the Era of Globalized Economy Avinash Sharma

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