World Competition Law and Economics Review

1 Editor's note

3 The Relationship between Public Antitrust Enforcement and Private Actions for Damages  Wouter P.J. Wils

27 A Balance of the Impact of Economics Analysis on the EU Competition Policy  Juan Briones

41 A proposed Test for Separating Pro-competitive Conditional Rebates from Anti-competitive Ones  Damien Geradin

71 'Consumer Welfare' and Article 82EC: Practice and Rhetoric  Pinar Akman

91 Legal Uncertainty and Competition Policy in European Deregulated Electricity Markets: the Case of Long-term Exclusive Supply Contracts  Adrien de Hauteclocque

113 Game Theory and the Competition Act: Winners and Losers in Canadian Merger Review  Neil Finkelstein, Brian A. Facey and Jonathan Finkelstein

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