Practical Intellectual Property Precedents


1. Introduction

2. Creating Intellectual Property
General Commissioning Terms
Agreements with Commercial Organisations
Agreements with Academic Organisations
Agreements with Individuals
Collaborative Agreements

3. Evaluating Intellecutal Property
Agreements and Provisions Relating to Confidentiality
Evaluation, Option and Development Agreements
Beta Test/Software Evaluation Agreement
Clinical Trials Agreement

4. Acquiring Intellecutal Property
General Precedents
Copyright Assignments
Design Assignments
Patent Assignments
Assignment of Know-How and Non-Disclosure Agreement
Assignment of Trade Marks and Applications with Benefit of Goodwill and Express Covenants

5. Exploiting Intellecutal Property
Licensing of Technology Patent and Know-How Licences
Licensing of Information Copyright Licences
Licensing of Reputation Trade Mark Licences
Distribution Agreements
Mortgages and Charges

6. Enforcing Intellecutal Property
Letters Before Action and Undertakings
Agreements as to the Conduct of Proceedings
Settlements Agreements

7. General Commentary
Marketing and Notices
Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Associated Companies, Holding Companies, Subsidiary Companies and Control
Expressions used in Intellectual Property Agreements
Formalities of Execution
Boilerplate Clauses
Price Indexation Provisions
Restrictive Covenants and Restraint of Trade
Statutory Restrictions on Contractual Freedom

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