Pocket guide to VAT in Sweden

The book provides a detailed summary on Sweden’s VAT system, sufficiently in depth to give a non-resident business an understanding of its VAT liability; or give it the ability to predict liability on future or reorganised business; and to permit it to manage some elements of compliance. The book covers common and important VAT issues that should be considered under Swedish law including, amongst other things

  • The scope of VAT
  • Taxable Persons
  • Taxable Transactions
  • Place of Supply
  • Chargeable Amount
  • Tax Rates
  • Deduction and recovery of input tax
  • Extension or shifting of VAT liability
  • Administrative Matters
  • Interest and Penalties
  • Statute of Limitations
  • Special Regimes or Arrangements, e.g.  a sale of a going concern

Fredrik Erneholm is the head of Bird & Bird’s international VAT group. The book is based on his contribution to the Bloomberg BNA new reference work – the VAT Navigator.

An excerpt of the book can be viewed here.

The book can be acquired free of charge by contacting Maria Schöning via e-mail. Please include in the subject line: "VAT Pocket Guide", your name, business and postal address.

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