Encyclopedia of Information Technology Law


  1. Introduction Stephen Saxby Andrew Schulkins

  2. Intellectual Property Susan Ball Robbie Downing Julia Foguel Michael Hart Robert Hart Paul Rawlinson Ilana Saltzman Harry Small

  3. Electronic Commerce Peter Elliott

  4. International Trade Aspects of Information Technology Ross Denton Alison Stafford

  5. Electronic Banking and Financial Services
    Brett Israel Ian Walden

  6. Computer Contracts Raj ParkashKit Burden David Strang Bridget Treacy Gillian Bull

  7. Non-Contractual Liability Graham Smith

  8. Competition Law Robbie Downing Lynda Martin Alegi Robert Merkin

  9. Telecommunications Elizabeth Hiester Amanda Hale

  10. International Telecommunications Jennie Hulsman Elizabeth Hiester Andrew Silberberg Tania Longva

  11. Evidence Colin Tapper

  12. Crime Mark Tantam

  13. Risk Management Michael Wood Stephen Mason Clive Carmichael-Jones Clifford May

  14. Employment

  15. Taxation Patricia Dugdale

  16. Data Protection and Freedom of Information Hazel Grant

1. Introduction
An introduction to IT.

2. Intellectual Property
Nature of the technology. Nature of IP rights and their application to computer technology. Copyright and designs. Patents. Trade sectres and confidential information. Trade marks and passing off. The legal protection of semi-conductor chips. Enforcement. Emerging Issues.

3. Electronic Commerce
Introduction. Policy. Applying the policies:Ecommerce and contracts. Jurisdiction and choice of law.

4. International Trade Aspects of Information Technology
The multilateral trade organisations, their structures and interrelations. The key regional trade organisations, their structures and interrelations. Overview of the key trade issues affecting information technology. The main trade policy measures and their impact on information technology. Trade policy measures applicable to services and intellectual property. Settlement of disputes. Export controls and trade embargoes. Reforms and integration of systems.

5. Electronic Banking and Financial Services - Brett Israel
Introduction. The technology. Electronic funds transfer systems - the legal implications. Dematerialisation of international trade finance. The provision of financial services over the Internet.

6. Computer Contracts
Introduction. Hardware sale and purchase. Hardware rental and lease. Software. Turnkey contracts. Distribution agreements. Maintenance contracts. Bureau contracts. Facilities management contracts. Internet service/web site hosting contracts. Government contracts.

7. Non-Contractual Liability - Graham Smith
The chapter covers liability for software and hardware defects, viruses, incorrect information, interactive websites, misrepresentation and other liability topics.

8. Competition Law
Introduction. Outline of United Kingdom competition rules. Outline of E.C. competition rules.

9. Telecommunications
Introduction. The legislative framework. The regulators. Licensing framework. Operator's licences. Operating framework.

10. International Telecommunications
Introduction International treaties and organisations. European Union. Other European organisation and agreements. Other regional bodies.

11. Evidence
Nature of problem. Access to material. Admissibility of material. Assessment of material.

12. Crime
Introduction. The existing law. International aspects. Internet service providers.

13. Risk Management
Types of risk. The danger areas. Legal commentary. Insurance law.

14. Employment
The material in this chapter has been deleted. Any information concerning Employment-related issues will be incorporated into the chapters dealing with those specific issues.

15. Taxation
Introduction. Overview of applicable taxes. Computer hardware: manufacture and sale. Computer software: development and marketing. Taxtion of value-added services. Information technology and the business end-user. Transfer pricing. Customs Duty and VAT. Customs Duty. Value Added Tax.

16. Data Protection and Freedom of Information
Introduction. Overview of UK data protection law. Definitions. The data protection principals. The data protection register. Data subject rights and remedies. Exclusions and exemptions. Transborder data flows. Criminal offences. Powers and duties of the Registrar/Commissioner.

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