Electronic Signatures and Identities Law and Regulation

With an analysis of the importance of signatures in both civil law and common law, and showing how this has been translated into legislation, Electronic Signatures and Identities:

  • Includes a detailed comparative examination of the laws and regulations in this area in over 60 overseas jurisdictions

  • Reviews the overlap between electronic identities and signatures, and the problems that electronic identities raise for data protection and individual privacy

  • Considers the latest case law and regulations and discusses the impact of standards such as the European Workshop Agreements on signatures

  • Reviews the latest developments and includes discussion of the contentious issues of biometrics and electronic ID cards

  • Provides all the information you need on electronic signatures in civil law

  • Presents advice on the implications of e-signatures so you can draft and negotiate the best terms for your client

  • Expands your understanding of the key issues across all the major international jurisdictions

  • Keeps you fully informed with a wealth of new coverage on new regulations, case law and developments

  • Provides you with crucial coverage of the UN Convention and Model Laws

  • Includes coverage of the UK, European Economic Area, Asia-Pacific, North America, Latin America, Russia, South Africa, UAE, Turkey and Israel.

  • Incorporates a new glossary to help you understand technical language and terms

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