Comunicazioni elettroniche europee - Direttiva (UE) 2018/1972

The book deals with the main legal innovations introduced by the European Code of electronic communications – namely, the very recent regulatory intervention, which will have to be implemented in Italy and in all Member States by the end of 2020 - which, in the intentions of the European Legislator, should lead us into the digital society thus realizing the ambitious goals of the Digital Agenda for Europe.

After having retraced the history and evolution of the European regulation of the sector in the last 30 years, the text will try to explain why, more than 20 years after the complete liberalization of electronic communications, it is still necessary to prepare a penetrating ex ante regulatory intervention in the sector in question. In particular, the volume will outline the evolution of the objectives pursued by the Legislator with its particular focus in 2018 on investments in new generation technological networks.

With this interpretation, taking into account the recent market developments (such as the boom in the so-called over-the-top services, such as WhatsApp, Netflix, etc.) and technology (the development of fiber optic networks and 5G), the book will examine the changes introduced in the authorization field and, more generally, the changes made to the regulatory obligations by the Code in order to favor investments and technological innovation, as well as to strengthen the protection of users.

The volume also analyzes the provisions on the frequency spectrum, the universal service and the security of electronic communication networks.

In the authors' intentions, the book aims to be a useful compass for orienting oneself in the next developments of this complex branch of public economic law, where technique and law go hand in hand with the economy to achieve the digital revolution.
Fulvio Sarzana di S.Ippolito is a lawyer, and an adjunt professor in digital company law and comparative law of new technologies at the law faculty of the International Telematic University UniNettuno of Rome. Member of the Financial Banking Arbitrator of Rome at the Bank of Italy. He was a member of the National Dematerialization Commission and of the MISE Expert Group for the drafting of the national plan on Blockchain and DLT. Author of more than 100 publications and several in-depth monographs in computer and telecommunications law and lastly co-author of the text, for the types of IPSOA Wolter Kluwers “blockchain law, artificial intelligence and IoT
Federico Marini Balestra, LLM (Cantab), PhD in regulatory science (LUMSA), formerly an AgCom legal officer, is a lawyer at the international Bird & Bird law firm. Young administrative officer of the year 2005, antitrust expert recognized by the main international directories, he teaches courses at the National School of Administration, sits on the board of experts of the @LawLab digital law laboratory at the LUISS University and is the author of numerous publications on the subject , including the "Manual of European and national law on electronic communications", now in its second edition.

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