Data Protection Strategy

The second edition of "Data Protection Strategy: Implementing Data Protection Complicance" has been co-authored by Co-Head of our Data Protection practice Ruth Boardman.

This new edition:

  • Includes hands-on guidance for establishing data protection compliance

  • The structure enables a complex subject to be grasped easily and is ideal for those new to the subject

  • Looks at the key roles in Data Protection including Data subjects, Data Controllers, Data Processors, Obligations and exemptions

  • Examines the processing of a range of data including personal data, sensitive material and other relevant records

  • Looks at how to comply with data protection principles, including those on Individual’s rights under the Act, security and on sending data abroad

  • Assesses the risks around non-compliance to Data Protection in light of these new powers and helps you to set up a strategy help ensure compliance
    Looks at the controversial new rules on Cookies

  • Gives advance notice of new legislation from the EU which if and when enacted will substantially change Data Protection legislation and practice in the UK and throughout the EU

  • Outlines the structure of Data Audits both how to prepare and the Audit itself

  • Goes through how to set up a data strategy and the dependent corporate structure and procedures

  • Examines how the exemptions work and the extent to which they can be relied on

  • Discusses Data quality

  • Covers Data Subjects rights including access, confidentiality, negotiation, and Legal Professional Privilege

  • Includes discussion of Security and Trans-border Data-flows

  • Considers the key legal aspects of email monitoring in both business and private contexts in regards to the new Act

  • Provides an abundance of practical advice set out in checklists and widely applicable precedent material

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