UK Sustainability

Bird & Bird’s Environmental Policy is central to the way we do business; from the way we run our offices to the people we employ to manage our supply chain relationships. Our policy is designed to embed the importance of understanding how each of us as individuals can make a difference, as well as developing firm wide strategic actions.

Our Environmental Policy is applied to every aspect of the environmental management of our London office, by careful consideration of: 

  • Energy efficiency and conservation; 
  • Supply chain management and sustainable procurement; 
  • Property and Facilities Management; 
  • IT and other electrical equipment; 
  • Travel; 
  • Waste management through “reduce, reuse, recycle"; and
  • Water efficiency and conservation. 

Additionally, in implementing Bird & Bird’s Environmental Policy the firm has committed to:

  • Maintain an Environmental Committee and advertise for membership of the committee on a yearly basis. 
  • Comply with all applicable legal and other environmental requirements
  • Monitor the use of energy and actively seek ways to reduce emissions and pollution from our business activities 
  • Switch to renewable sources to improve energy efficiency where available, economical and suitable
  • Promote the minimisation of waste through facilitating reduction, reuse and recycling initiatives
  • Build an effective communication and education strategy to ensure all employees are aware of the initiatives
  • Encourage all employees to conduct business in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner wherever practical
  • Promote sustainable procurement, for example local food sourcing, increased range of recycled items such as the paper we use etc. 
  • Engage with our suppliers (including landlords) and tenants to ascertain the life cycle impacts of our behaviours
  • Continually review associated policies, such as travel, to ensure consistency with this policy and relevant initiatives.