France Sustainability

The shift to a more sustainable way of doing business needs people who embrace change and spark innovation. We’re up for the challenge, are you?

As part of its recent move, the Paris office has decided to radically review its operations in order to be more respectful of the environment and to be part of a sustainable development approach.

  • The firm first decided to change premises in favour of premises benefiting from the HQE (High Environmental Quality) label, by organising the renovation of the historic building le Rossini, rue de la Chaussée d'Antin, with the aim of limiting the impact on the environment as much as possible. The building chosen by Bird & Bird for its new premises complies with the 14 targets imposed for obtaining the HQE label, which include good management of energy, water, waste from operations and maintenance, and air and water quality.
  • On a day-to-day basis, it was decided to go further in the selective sorting approach by totally eliminating individual bins in favour of an economical and optimised collection per floor and per material (paper, light bulbs, batteries, cartridges, etc). This inclusive "voluntary contribution" approach effectively makes it possible to reduce the amount of waste produced each year, improve selective sorting and gradually contribute to changing behaviour in terms of waste production, with the aim of one day achieving a "zero waste at the office" situation.
  • The firm is also active in terms of waste recycling. We work with service providers who guarantee the recycling of our computers with 3StepIT, paper with Privacia Groupe, our coffee capsules with Nespresso and our ink cartridges with Canon. Caps, batteries and light bulbs undergo the same treatment.
  • In the same spirit, the firm has decided to offer each of its members a Gobi® (a recyclable and customizable gourd made in Tritan, France by a French start-up) and a coffee/tea cup, thus allowing the elimination of disposable cups and water bottles in favour of water fountains.
  • The firm has also adopted a responsible purchasing policy, giving priority to the purchase of supplies made from recycled materials.
  • Beyond the choice of new environmentally friendly premises, the firm wishes to sustainably change its daily operations and influence the way we think individually to develop the collective impact in the network that includes our customers, suppliers and employees.

The move allows us to put our values into practice by taking the step of sustainable development for the good of all.