Netherlands Corporate Social Responsibility

Stichting Samen Lachen

Over the last two years, our Netherlands CSR committee has become a charity partner of local CSR initiatives in The Hague with Stichting Samen Lachen. Together they have set up numerous sponsorship initiatives including a charity auction and volunteering opportunities.

JINC Den Haag

As of January 2021, our Dutch CSR committee is a proud sponsor and partner of JINC and work with them in providing job application trainings and other services following a successful pilot conducted in November and December 2020.

JINC strives for a society in which a child’s background does not determine a child’s future, a society in which every child gets a fair chance. To reach that goal, JINC helps young people between 8 and 16 years of age to a good start in the labour market. Through the JINC programme they become acquainted with various professions, find out what kind of work suits their talents, and learn how to apply for a job. That is how every year JINC gives more than 65,000 children the opportunity to grow.

For more information about JINC please click here.