Italy Corporate Social Responsibility

Donation to Dipartimento Nazionale Protezione Civile

To support the Italian public during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, our Italian partners donated a sum to The National Civil Protection Department (Dipartimento Nazionale Protezione Civile) which is the arm of Italian Government that coordinates the response to natural disasters, catastrophes or other events like COVID-19. In particular, they work to provide public hospitals with adequate sanitary equipment.

Fondazione Paola Frassi

Our Milan office has supported the "Fondazione Paola Frassi" with an annual financial contribution since 2011. 

The foundation was created in honour of Paola Frassi, a colleague in our intellectual property department who lost her battle with cancer in November 2010.

The foundation supports social solidarity projects, promoting:

  • scientific research of cures for cancer, especially breast cancer
  • in-hospital and domestic assistance for those with illnesses
  • financial support of children in distress and the institutions that help them
  • various university projects related to industrial and intellectual property law, including financial support of talented young students.
For more information about the organisation, visit the Fondazione Paola Frassi website (in Italian).