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  1. Legal news
    21 November 2017
    Advertising wellness: How far is too far?

    Wellness – the industry based on the “pursuit of enhancing personal well-being” – has in the last decade emerged as a giant worth over $3.7 trillion globally. Free-from food, “green” or sustainable goods and clean ...

  2. Legal news
    26 September 2018
    The ECJ rules that all post-contract telephone numbers for consumers must be basic rate numbers

    The ECJ has recently ruled that all post-contract telephone numbers offered to consumers must not be charged at more than the basic rate

  3. Legal news
    26 May 2020
    Consumer Protection: UK grants CMA online enforcement order powers

    Businesses operating in the Retail & Consumer sphere may not be aware that the UK government has recently laid before Parliament an EU-derived Regulation which grants the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) new ...

  4. Legal news
    29 June 2020
    Considering Consumers: Tips for Consumer Law Compliance

    Consumers are increasingly aware of – and vocal about – their rights. That’s why it’s important to get your interactions with them right from the outset, not only to ensure that you’re complying with the law but also to ...

  5. Legal news
    07 July 2020
    Platform to Business Regulations: what rights do consumer brands have when selling through online platforms?

    The Platform to Business Regulation ("P2B Regulation", officially Regulation 2019/1150 on promoting fairness and transparency for business users of online intermediation services) comes into force on 12 July 2020. The ...

  6. Legal news
    29 July 2020
    Product Placement with Influencers is “obvious” marketing and does not require disclosure, according to the Higher Regional Court of Hamburg

    In a decision contrary to the current climate on influencer marketing, the Higher Regional Court of Hamburg decided that Instagram posts of influencers containing product placement do not need to be disclosed as ...

  7. Legal news
    29 April 2020
    Social media helps consumers understand the brands they use every day, but what does it all mean for franchisors?

    It’s 2020 and everyone is on social media. Even your grandma has a social media account and regularly comments on your vacation pictures. It is safe to say that social media is going to be here for some time. Whether ...

  8. Legal news
    11 January 2021
    The effect of Brexit on UK consumer protection law

    Over the last decade, a distinct body of law has arisen that regulates the contractual relationships formed between businesses and consumers, often known as consumer protection law. The development of this area of law ...

  9. Legal news
    15 February 2021
    Retail & Consumer team-members speak at “What’s Next – Beauty in 2021”

    In January 2021 Graeme Payne (partner, Commercial) and James Fowler (associate, Commercial) spoke at “What’s Next – Beauty in 2021”, a virtual beauty industry summit organised by consultancy Indie Beauty Delivers.

  10. Legal news
    26 October 2021
    Anti-virus software firms – are you compliant with the CMA’s new principles for auto-renewing consumer contracts?

    On 19th October 2021, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (“CMA”) published 9 Compliance Principles that anti-virus software businesses using auto-renewing consumer contracts should adhere to. The Principles ...