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  1. Legal news
    24 September 2019
    Marketing fund disclosure: landmark judgment confirms that franchisors must take ultimate responsibility for compliance with the Australian Franchising Code of Conduct

    In a judgment that bolsters recent announcements by the ACCC pressing franchisors to comply with their obligations, the Full Federal Court has confirmed a January 2019 Federal Court finding that a franchisor contravened ...

  2. Legal news
    23 May 2018
    A warning for sellers of goods to Australian consumers

    Following the over $4.6 million penalty ordered against Thermomix in Australia Pty Ltd (Thermomix), sellers of consumer goods are reminded of their obligations to report serious injuries caused by the use or foreseeable ...

  3. Legal news
    23 May 2018
    A challenging time for employers in the Australian retail market?

    The last 24 months have been a challenging period for retail in Australia. While the challenges faced by the retail sector are not specific to Australia, given the size of the Australian market, the impact is great.

  4. Legal news
    22 May 2020
    Australia: The ACCC pivots in light of COVID-19

    Due to the rapidly changing global landscape, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission announced on 27 March 2020 a "re-focus" of its 2020 Compliance and Enforcement Priorities in response to the COVID-19 ...

  5. Legal news
    07 July 2020
    Changes to the Franchising Code for new vehicle dealership franchises in Australia

    Further to our earlier article here on the draft proposed regulations, on 1 June 2020, amendments to the Competition and Consumer (Industry Codes – Franchising) Regulation 2014 (Franchising Code) came into effect.

  6. Legal news
    26 May 2020
    The ACCC Franchising Taskforce cracks down on Franchise Code non-compliance

    The ACCC and its Franchising Taskforce continue to pursue adherence to the Competition and Consumer Act in the Australian franchise sector.

  7. Legal news
    04 August 2020
    Regulator finds its teeth: Australian supermarket giant issued with record fine for spam breaches

    Australian supermarket giant, Woolworths, was recently issued a record AUD$1,003,800 infringement notice by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), for multiple, significant breaches of the Spam Act ...

  8. Legal news
    29 August 2019
    Is it all going down the drain? The risks and opportunities of making environmental-related marketing claims

    In June 2019, the Federal Court of Australia (Court) handed down its decision in Australian Competition and Consumer Commission v Kimberly-Clark Australia Pty Ltd in favour of Kimberly-Clark Australia Pty Ltd ...

  9. Legal news
    02 December 2019
    'Tis the Season for Giving: New rules for Gift Cards in Australia

    With the festive season upon us it is important for retailers to be aware of new laws in Australia relating to gift cards. All gift cards supplied to consumers in Australia from 1 November 2019 must have a minimum three ...

  10. Legal news
    05 November 2019
    In the crosshairs: Ashley & Martin required to refund consumers as a result of unfair contract terms

    The concept of fairness in trade and commerce has been a recent focus for Australian Courts and regulators alike. The recent decision on relief in ACCC v Ashley & Martin Pty Ltd (No 2) [2019] FCA 1739 is particularly ...