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  1. Legal news
    22 October 2020
    CVC International Trends and Practical tips to get it right

    On September 17th, Bird & Bird held a webinar on the investment of Corporate Venture Capital (CVCs) in start-ups entitled "CVC international trends and practical tips to get it right".

  2. Legal news
    06 December 2018
    Setting up a business in Spain

    Bird & Bird guide you on what's feasible in Spain, what business model will be most effective and where your brand, services and products will thrive.

  3. Legal news
    23 March 2020
    Managing merger control filings during COVID-19

    A brief overview of the challenges created by the COVID-19 crisis, the coping strategies of competition authorities, and suggestions on what can be done if you are working on a project requiring merger control approval.

  4. Legal news
    17 March 2020
    Double Caution: Gun Jumping Risks in M&A Transactions

    Following a few interesting EU developments regarding gun jumping in concentrations our Competition team looked into the relevance for M&A transactions, whilst taking into perspective what the ECJ and European ...

  5. Legal news
    16 October 2019
    EU Foreign Direct Investment Screening: What Investors Need to Know

    In the fall of next year, the long anticipated EU Foreign Direct Investment Screening Regulation will apply. The regulation is likely to have a significant impact on FDI within the EU – both within Member States that ...