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    28 April 2021
    Contract law seminar series 2021 for the Energy & Utilities sector: Limitation of liability (part 1)

    It's very important for businesses in the Energy & Utilities sector to understand what liabilities can and cannot be limited in different types of contract, and to recognise drafting challenges in contracts. This has ...

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    06 May 2021
    Cybersecurity: Legal Responses to Increasing Threat - A conference for lawyers and anyone interested in cybersecurity, with some prominent experts in the field.

    Viral threats, ransomware takeovers, stolen data, and system shutdowns… cyberattacks against law firms, legal institutions, companies, and states are on the increase, leading to a new era of cybersecurity. Come and join ...

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    28 April 2021
    EU Digital Services Package: What U.S. companies need to know

    Discussions on game-changing rules for online intermediaries and platforms are currently underway in the European Parliament. Negotiations on the Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act are expected to result in a ...

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    29 April 2021
    Next session: Employment Law Essentials

    We will cover a general overview on terminating employment relationships in Germany.