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    10 March 2021
    Webinar: Tax honeymoon for expatriates ending on 31 Dec 21

    1 January 2022 will be the date when three major allowances for expatriates (housing rental, child education, and language training) will cease to be individual income tax (IIT) exempt – instead they will be replaced by ...

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    25 March 2021
    Green Advertising: current challenges and future outlook

    Bird & Bird would like to invite you to our international webinar on the Do’s and Dont's of Green Advertising on 25 March. Green advertising - an umbrella term for any advertising, claim or other communication related ...

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    23 March 2021
    Global Performance and its Impact on the European Hotel Sector

    We are pleased to invite you to our webinar, which will highlight global performance trends (including those emanating from the USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions) and how these are likely to impact the ...

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    18 March 2021
    Public Procurement webinar series - 18 March, 5 May and 8 June

    Public and utilities procurement continues to be a fast-moving area in which legal, political and practical developments continuously impact and update practice. Keeping on top of these developments poses a challenge ...