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  1. Legal news
    11 March 2021
    A review of SDO IPR policies: Do they require component level licensing?

    Must owners of IP rights (IPR) that may be essential to standards offer licenses of their essential IPR to each component maker? Or do they satisfy their commitment to Standards Development Organisations (SDOs) by ...

  2. Legal news
    26 April 2021
    In the age of AI: UK publishes the results of its call for views

    Katharine Stephens considers the key takeaways from the open consultation calling for views on the impact of AI on IP rights.

  3. Twobirds news
    04 March 2019
    Bird & Bird grows its Intellectual Property practice with the appointment of Pawel Lipski in Warsaw

    International law firm Bird & Bird today builds its Intellectual Property practice with the appointment of Tech & Comms expert, Pawel Lipski, as a partner in Warsaw.

  4. Legal news
    24 June 2019
    AI as a judge? News from AI Decoding IP - Day 2

    Bird & Bird’s David Egan attended the first day of the UKIPO and WIPO joint conference on the interaction between AI technology and intellectual property law and practice.

  5. Legal news
    06 August 2019
    Artificial creativity—is the IP system ready for robot inventors?

    According to current UK patent law, if AI was to invent something, would the creator of the AI be able to patent it? Who would be the inventor and to whom would the invention belong?

  6. Legal news
    05 December 2019
    Who Owns an AI-generated Invention?

    One wet Sunday afternoon I was playing with an interface to OpenAI’s machine learning model, GPT-2, which was trained to predict the next word in a sentence and which can now generate articles of synthetic text based on ...

  7. Legal news
    19 August 2019
    Forbidden Fruits: third party rights in AI training data, a European perspective

    What are the risks of launching an AI system where the training data was tainted with third party rights? Often this question needs an answer fast and on a global basis. But what do US tech lawyers need to know about ...