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  1. Legal news
    21 November 2017
    Arbitration Speedread: LCIA updates its guidelines on the role of the Tribunal Secretary

    In October 2017 the LCIA updated its guidelines on the use of tribunal secretaries. This is part of a continuing trend by arbitral institutions to put procedures in place surrounding the use of the tribunal secretary in ...

  2. Legal news
    30 June 2017
    The Arbitration Minute - June 2017

    Are you a party to a contract subject to French public law rules? Beware your arbitration clause

  3. Legal news
    30 November 2017
    The Arbitration Minute - November 2017

    Pursuant to Article 700 of the French Code on Civil Procedure, a judge may order the losing party to pay to the other party an amount which the judge will fix on the basis of the expenses incurred in the proceedings.

  4. Legal news
    15 January 2021
    Is an arbitrator conflicted? “Landmark judgment from the UKSC provides guidance as to when an arbitrator should make disclosures to the other side

    The UK Supreme Court has provided welcome clarification on the English law position in relation to an arbitrator’s duties of impartiality and disclosure. The UKSC unanimously dismissed Halliburton’s appeal in its highly ...

  5. Legal news
    14 January 2021
    Singapore—dismissal of application to set aside ICC award for breach of natural justice and/or excess of jurisdiction (CHH v CHI)

    Arbitration analysis: The Singapore High Court (SGHC) dismissed an application under section 48 of the Arbitration Act to set aside a Singapore-seated International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) award. Although the ...