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  1. Legal news
    14 May 2020
    COVID-19 and Diverted Profits Tax investigations

    With HMRC reportedly suspending civil investigations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, what steps should those taxpayers currently under or at risk of a Diverted Profits Tax ("DPT") investigation be taking now?

  2. Legal news
    19 November 2020
    Cross-border: Business Interruption insurance and COVID-19: the state of play in various jurisdictions

    Globally, many companies are (again) affected by significant decline in business and/or closures as a result of measures taken by governments to deal with the coronavirus. Many of these companies have some form of ...

  3. Legal news
    02 March 2021
    UK: COVID-19 business support schemes under the microscope from new Taxpayer Protection Taskforce

    The UK Treasury says it will launch a Taxpayer Protection Taskforce this week to address fraudulent or mistaken claims from the range of taxpayer-funded COVID-19 support schemes put in place since the beginning of the ...

  4. Legal news
    23 April 2020
    Managing China Subsidiaries during the COVID-19 Epidemic

    Relevant Legal Issues and Countermeasures in relation to Corporate Governance and Compliance.