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  1. Legal news
    13 January 2021
    International Space & Satellite Bulletin: January 2021

    Welcome to this month’s International Space and Satellite Bulletin covering developments from September 2020 to early January 2021.

  2. Legal news
    05 January 2021
    EU institutions reach agreement on an ambitious €14.8 billion space programme which will boost Europe’s competitiveness

    End of December 2020, EU institutions (i.e. the EU Council, the European Parliament and the Commission) reached a political agreement on the proposed regulation establishing the next EU space programme for the years ...

  3. Legal news
    05 January 2021
    Key highlights of the new Italian Space Strategy

    As foreseen in the 2019 Government Report to the Parliament on the national activities carried out and the results achieved in the space and aerospace sector, the last couple of months have been crucial to define the ...

  4. Legal news
    24 December 2019
    Space Alert: Review of the key legal, regulatory and political developments for the space sector in 2019

    From continued growth across the global space industry to key decisions being made on spectrum and European space funding, 2019 has been an important year for stakeholders across the space sector. In 2019 the Satellite ...