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  1. Twobirds news
    28 November 2018
    EU unconditional merger clearance of T-Mobile/Tele2 Netherlands transaction – contribution and team Bird & Bird

    On 27 November 2018, the European Commission approved the merger between T-Mobile Netherlands and Tele2 Netherlands after a six months in-depth review process.

  2. Legal news
    07 October 2019
    Dutch competition authority ACM publishes a sector report on the impact of biosimilars on competition between TNF-alfa inhibitors

    The Dutch competition authority, ACM, initiated a market study in 2018 into the effect of the introduction of biosimilars on the competition between TNF alfa inhibitors. TNF-alfa inhibitors are biological medicines that ...

  3. Legal news
    27 July 2020
    Dutch competition authority offers more leeway for environmental sustainability initiatives

    n 9 July 2020 the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (‘ACM’) published its draft sustainability guidelines (‘Draft Guidelines’) containing ACM’s proposed approach of assessing the compatibility of ...

  4. Legal news
    20 October 2020
    Dutch Court holds former director personally liable for North Sea shrimps cartel fine

    On 23 September 2020 a former director of one of the North Sea shrimps cartelists was held personally liable for damage of over € 13 million by the Dutch District Court of Noord-Nederland (“Court”). According to the ...

  5. Legal news
    14 July 2020
    Dutch District Court annuls first ministerial merger licence (PostNL/Sandd)

    On 11 June 2020, the District Court of Rotterdam (‘District Court’) annulled the decision of the Minister of Economic Affairs & Climate (‘Minister’) to grant a licence for the acquisition of rival post operator Sandd by ...

  6. Legal news
    12 June 2020
    Amsterdam Court of Appeal rules online platform Funda did not abuse its dominant position

    Dominant online platforms are increasingly scrutinized from a competition law perspective by regulators, politicians, customers and competitors. A recent judgment by the Amsterdam Court of Appeal fits well into this ...

  7. Legal news
    06 July 2020
    Pon/NS: applying behavioural remedies to digital platforms in the context of a merger

    On 20 May 2020 the Dutch competition authority (“ACM”) conditionally cleared a new joint venture between transport company Pon Netherlands B.V. (“Pon”) and Dutch rail operator NS Groep N.V. (“NS”) creating a Mobility as ...

  8. Legal news
    18 January 2021
    The Netherlands: Main developments competition law and policy 2020

    As part of the series of posts on the main 2020 developments in key jurisdictions by many authors of the Kluwer Competition Law Blog, we provide you with an overview of developments in the Netherlands. In sum, we saw ...

  9. Legal news
    07 September 2020
    Netherlands: ACM fine lowered with 99% due to COVID-19

    The Dutch Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal (College van Beroep voor het bedrijfsleven, “CBb”) reduced a fine imposed by the Dutch Authority for Consumers & Markets (“ACM”) on an unidentified undertaking with 99%, ...