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  1. Legal news
    07 April 2021
    The Competition & Markets Authority’s revised Merger Assessment Guidelines

    In March 2021, the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) published its revised Merger Assessment Guidelines (MAGs) along with a Quick Guide, complementing the revision of its Guidance on jurisdiction and procedure, ...

  2. Legal news
    18 March 2019
    Asset Valuations: Proposed Takeover Code Changes

    On 17 October 2018, the Code Committee of the Takeover Panel published a consultation paper (PCP 2018/1) on some proposed changes to the Takeover Code (the "Code") which relate to the manner in which assets are valued ...

  3. Legal news
    18 March 2019
    Public M&A: What we have seen over the last 12 months

    Without question, the year just passed has seen some high-profile UK public M&A activity, at the larger end in particular – the acquisitions of Shire plc and Sky plc representing two of the largest UK takeovers in ...

  4. Legal news
    18 March 2019
    Sky/Chain Principle

    Rulings of the Takeover Panel Hearings Committee and the Takeover Appeal Board in relation to the competing offers for Sky and the application of the Chain Principle.

  5. Legal news
    18 March 2019
    Bird & Bird: Takeover Code Update

    We are pleased to present the latest edition of Bird & Bird's Takeover Code Update, a periodical publication highlighting recent developments in the Public M&A arena of interest to the adviser community and listed ...

  6. Legal news
    18 March 2019
    Impact of the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union on the Takeover Code

    The Code Committee of the Takeover Panel published a consultation paper on 5 November 2018 (PCP 2018/2) containing some proposed amendments to the Takeover Code in order to address the potential impending withdrawal of ...

  7. Legal news
    14 May 2020
    Cross-border: Undertaking M&A Transactions during a global pandemic

    COVID-19 has impacted the lives of people around the globe and while we are all getting used to "the new normal", it is worth considering the impact of the pandemic on M&A transactions. This article is not exhaustive ...

  8. Legal news
    05 July 2021
    Changes to Takeover Code on Conditions to Offers and Offer Timetable

    Last October, the Panel on Takeovers and Mergers (the “Panel”) published proposals to make certain changes to the City Code on Mergers and Takeovers (the “Code”) relating to offer conditions, especially those which ...

  9. Legal news
    01 March 2019
    Bird & Bird & Highlights with foresight - from our International Corporate Group

    “Bird & Bird’s international corporate offering is growing from strength to strength. In the past year we have launched some outstanding initiatives and welcomed 13 new partners to the team, an 18% increase from 2017.