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  1. Legal news
    16 April 2019
    Is Silence Always Golden?

    We examine some of the illustrations proffered in the guidelines and highlight the challenges for HR in actual termination scenarios.

  2. Legal news
    04 March 2021
    Tightening of work immigration rules in Singapore - Dependant’s Pass holders no longer able to “piggy back” on spouse for permission to work in Singapore w.e.f 1 May 2021

    The Ministry of Manpower announced that from 1 May 2021, foreigners in Singapore on dependant's passes (“DP Holder”) will need to have their own work pass to entitle them to be employed in Singapore; the current Letter ...

  3. Legal news
    02 June 2021
    More Vaccines and Testing – Things to Note for Singapore Employers

    Singapore will be embarking on an accelerated vaccination programme with effect from 1 June 2021. With these measures, employers can expect most of its workforce to receive the first dose of vaccination by August 2021 ...

  4. Legal news
    31 August 2020
    Singapore: What happens in a retrenchment?

    This article discusses some of the viewpoints set out in the FAQ published in the Straits Times on 23 August 2020 on the subject "What happens if you are retrenched?" The FAQ has generated much interest among Singapore ...

  5. Legal news
    18 June 2021
    “The Minimum Content of Fairness” required in respect of Employee Investigations and Suspensions

    The recent Singapore High Court decision in Dong Wei v. Shell Eastern Trading (Pte) Ltd [2021] SGHC 123 sets out useful guidance for employers when carrying out internal employee investigations. The case deals with the ...

  6. Legal news
    24 June 2021
    Changes to work immigration rules – Dependant’s Pass holders will require Work Pass in order to work in Singapore

    With effect from 1 May 2021, any foreigner in Singapore on a dependant's pass (“DP Holder”) will need to have their own work pass in order to be employed in Singapore; the current Letter of Consent (“LOC”) method will ...