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  1. Legal news
    30 March 2020
    COVID-19 & Immigration Law: Implications in Sweden

    For Swedish employers who employ non-EU citizens, the COVID-19 outbreak has created a number of business immigration related issues. To date, a majority of the issues are surmountable, but some may create problems for ...

  2. Legal news
    10 November 2020
    Sweden: Swedish government extends support for businesses during the COVID-19 crisis

    On Monday 9 November 2020, the Swedish government announced new proposals for an extension of the financial support for companies affected by the Covid-19 crisis.

  3. Legal news
    21 January 2021
    COVID-19: Is your payment of social security affected by your employees working from home, e.g. in Sweden?

    As a rule, an employee is covered by social security in the country where the employee works, regardless of where the employee lives within the EU. There are, however, some modifications to the rules in the light of the ...

  4. Legal news
    23 April 2020
    COVID-19: Consequences for dispute resolution in Sweden

    Will Langran and Hanna Jansson consider how the Swedish courts are reacting to the current COVID-19 pandemic and how arbitration is being affected, including the reaction of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC)

  5. Legal news
    29 April 2020
    Sweden: Rent rebate scheme to support sectors affected by the COVID-19 outbreak

    The COVID-19 virus outbreak has had a major economic impact across Sweden, especially on companies operating in the restaurant, hotel and retail sectors. In order to support otherwise viable companies through the ...

  6. Legal news
    14 January 2021
    Sweden: Can employers force employees to take the COVID-19 vaccine

    In Sweden, employers should already now consider that some of their employees will be unwilling to vaccinate, and plan accordingly.

  7. Legal news
    03 April 2020
    Governmental grants and financial assistance available for Swedish companies in distress due to COVID-19

    With the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) continuing to spread globally, the effort to contain the viral outbreak by governments and health organisations has put pressure on major economies. Many companies are facing ...

  8. Legal news
    06 March 2020
    COVID-19: Guidance for Employers in Sweden

    The outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has sparked fears of a worldwide pandemic. Based on the World Health Organization’s declaration that this is a public health emergency of international concern, the Public ...