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  1. Legal news
    23 February 2021
    Patent claims directed at solving the volume of workplace health & safety paperwork are ‘a good idea’ but unpatentable: Federal Court of Australia

    Can a patentee overcome a decision that the invention claimed is not a manner of manufacture (ie. does not contain patentable subject matter) by amendment? On 29 January 2021, the decision in Repipe #2 was handed down ...

  2. Legal news
    22 May 2020
    Federal Court confirms that schemes are not patentable merely because they are "new and ingenious" and are implemented using a computer

    The Federal Court of Australia has found a patent directed at a digital marketing scheme no more than a list of steps to be implemented by a computer using its well-known functions, and is not a patentable invention: ...

  3. Legal news
    17 August 2020
    Australia Chapter in "Antitrust and Intellectual Property Review" Fifth Edition

    Our Australian competition and IP team have recently contributed a chapter to the Fifth Edition of The Intellectual Property and Antitrust Review.

  4. Legal news
    03 August 2021
    Australian Court finds AI systems can be an “inventor”

    In a world first, a judge of the Federal Court of Australia has found that artificial intelligence (AI) is capable of being an “inventor” for the purposes of the Australian patent regime.

  5. Legal news
    03 June 2021
    Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and copyright law

    A topic at the edge of intellectual property law is the ambiguous relationship between non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and copyright law. NFTs have been put under the spotlight this year, as several sales of NFTs recorded ...