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  1. Legal news
    13 August 2018
    Switzerland’s fight to keep the Crypto Crown

    Switzerland used to be one of the places where banks were open to the crypto business, but as two major players in the emerging sector shut their doors, the start-ups might need to look someplace else.

  2. Legal news
    13 February 2020
    CJEU: Airlines are liable for accidents to passengers in flight in the absence of an aviation-related hazard

    The Court of Justice of the European Union has clarified the scope of what constitutes an “accident” giving rise to liability under article 17(1) Montreal Convention 1999. An airline will be liable for harm caused to a ...

  3. Legal news
    22 August 2017
    No patent extensions for Swiss Style Claims in Australia

    After the Administrative Appeals Tribunal of Australia (AATA) decision in AbbVie Biotechnology Ltd v Commissioner of Patents [2016] AATA 682, patentees were hopeful of wider grants of patent term extensions (PTEs) in ...

  4. Legal news
    31 March 2020
    COVID-19 & Your Global Mining Sector Supply Chain - 10 Step Guide

    The global mining sector is feeling the impact as COVID-19 begins to cause huge global disruption to supply chains. The mining sector is heavily reliant on global supply chains for machinery, equipment and components ...

  5. Legal news
    16 October 2019
    EU Foreign Direct Investment Screening: What Investors Need to Know

    In the fall of next year, the long anticipated EU Foreign Direct Investment Screening Regulation will apply. The regulation is likely to have a significant impact on FDI within the EU – both within Member States that ...

  6. Legal news
    17 October 2019
    Competitive Edge: Competition & EU law news - October 2019

    Keeping you up to date on Competition & EU Law developments in Europe and beyond

  7. Legal news
    18 November 2019
    Competitive Edge: Competition & EU law news - November 2019

    Keeping you up to date on Competition & EU Law developments in Europe and beyond

  8. Legal news
    27 March 2020
    Increase of contactless payment limits in order to slow down spread of COVID-19

    As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to spread across the globe, governments and international organisations (e.g. World Health Organisation) are recommending to consumers that, rather than paying in cash in ...

  9. Legal news
    14 October 2020
    Competitive Edge: Competition & EU law news - October 2020

    Welcome to this special edition of Competitive Edge. This month we are diving into the Vertical Agreement Block Exemption Regulation. Our main article summarises the Commission’s Evaluation of the Regulation and looks ...