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  1. Legal news
    27 June 2019
    Bird & Bird assists Addtech Group with the acquisition of Thiim A/S

    Bird & Bird assisted the Swedish Addtech Group during the M&A process of all shares outstanding in the Danish company Thiim A/S on 12 June 2019.

  2. Legal news
    03 April 2019
    Dutch government tabled law to implement amended Shareholders' Directive

    As far as the European Commission is concerned, there is insufficient shareholder involvement and a lack of adequate transparency when it comes to listed companies; this is one of the reasons it adopted the new ...

  3. Legal news
    26 February 2019
    Changes to the “Accredited Investor” regime in Singapore

    Key changes to the Accreditor Investor (“AI”) regime, as introduced by the Securities and Futures (Amendment) Act 2017 (“SFAA”), have successively come into force.

  4. Legal news
    11 March 2019
    Malaysia: New Section 17A of the MACC Act introduces corporate liability for corruption. It also imposes personal liability on directors, controllers and management.

    There is a new dawn in Malaysia in the fight against corruption. Cynics will say much of the news surrounding 1MDB, FELDA, Tabung Haji Fund and a slew of corruption cases are political in nature and just confined to the ...

  5. Legal news
    18 January 2019
    Venture Capital Investment Model Agreements

    This is an update on a previous article we published in November last year on the Venture Capital Investment Model Agreements ("VIMA"). The launch of the VIMA is to facilitate early stage financing transactions in ...

  6. Legal news
    27 March 2019
    New laws regulating waste in Singapore to be introduced this year

    In January 2019, the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources announced that a Zero Waste Masterplan will be published and implemented in the second-half of 2019, as part of Singapore's plan to make 2019 the "Year ...

  7. Legal news
    02 July 2019
    Cybersecurity & Singapore - Disclosures for Listed Companies

    With the spate of cybersecurity incidents on large listed companies, cybersecurity risk has increasingly become a key point that affects investor risk appetite and companies are now subject to certain disclosure ...

  8. Legal news
    13 June 2019
    FCA Competition Enforcement

    The UK Financial Conduct Authority issues its first formal decision under the competition enforcement powers it was given in 2015. We look at the decision in more detail and its implication for market participants.

  9. Legal news
    13 June 2019
    AIM Disciplinary Notice

    The London Stock Exchange has issued a disciplinary notice which highlights the importance of an AIM company needing to follow the guidance that has been given to it by its nominated adviser. We look at the implications ...