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  1. Legal news
    22 June 2021
    UK CMA publishes guidance on sustainability claims

    Sustainability (or environmental) claims are increasingly part of the purchasing experience for consumers. Such claims can be made in the context of advertising, on product labels and within accompanying product ...

  2. Legal news
    27 November 2020
    The UK CMA investigates misleading environmental claims

    In recent years, sustainability credentials have moved from being ‘nice to have’ to an imperative for businesses in the UK, and across the EU. This has led to a wide array of sustainability claims ranging from a genuine ...

  3. Legal news
    15 September 2020 and Expedia agree voluntary extension to parity commitments

    In 2010, the CMA’s predecessor, the OFT, launched an investigation into alleged pricing restrictions in the online hotel booking sector. The investigation looked into and Expedia’s use of rate parity, or ...

  4. Legal news
    04 March 2021
    UK CMA & EU Commission seeking views from stakeholders on the new VBER

    The current Vertical Agreement Block Exemption Regulation (VBER) and its accompanying guidelines provide the framework of competition law regulation for suppliers and distributors across the EU. It is due to expire in ...

  5. Legal news
    11 January 2022
    The CMA Consults on its Annual Plan for 2022/23

    In December the CMA issued its proposed Annual Plan for 2022/23. Below we highlight four key points for businesses to note

  6. Legal news
    19 January 2022
    New National Security and Investment Regime enters into force

    The National Security and Investment Act 2021, which introduces a new national security screening regime, entered into force on 4 Jan 2022. This requires the mandatory notification of acquisitions of control of ...

  7. Legal news
    04 November 2021
    Reforming Competition and Consumer Policy

    This article focuses on the Reforming Competition and Consumer Policy consultation relating to the proposed changes in respect of UK competition policy, consumer rights and consumer law enforcement. The proposals are ...

  8. Legal news
    17 January 2022
    CMA to review Green Claims in the fashion retail sector

    The CMA has launched a compliance review into environmental claims within the fashion retail sector in the UK.

  9. Legal news
    21 December 2020
    Landmark Supreme Court decision takes an applicant-friendly approach to collective proceedings

    The UK Supreme Court has handed down a landmark judgment, Mastercard v Merricks, finding that the CAT incorrectly rejected an application for certification to bring collective proceedings. This decision sets out ...