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  1. Legal news
    30 September 2019
    New rules on short term leases in Italy

    The Italian Parliament has converted Law Decree n. 34 (the 'Growth Decree') into Law n. 58 with amendments, with effect from 30th June 2019. This introduced a range of provisions for short term rental properties. The ...

  2. Legal news
    11 September 2020
    Singapore: COVID-19 - Recent Updates for Tenants Seeking Relief from Rental, Lease and other Real Estate Obligations in Singapore

    COVID-19 has affected all of us in a myriad of ways. Social-distancing and work-from-home measures are now commonplace around the world – almost unthinkable just half a year ago. As we change our lifestyles, shopping ...

  3. Legal news
    11 June 2020
    Singapore: COVID-19 - Rental Waivers for SMEs

    On 5 June 2020, the Parliament of Singapore passed regulations requiring owner-landlords to provide much needed rental waivers to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) facing liquidity pressures arising from ...

  4. Legal news
    24 November 2020
    UK: Sweet Dream or a Logistical Nightmare?

    Uncertain; unforeseen; unprecedented; unexpected: 2020 has been the most turbulent of years, politically, socially and medically.

  5. Legal news
    27 May 2020
    Restrictions on short term stay in residential schemes

    The rapid rise in popularity of owners of residential properties providing short-stay holiday letting (STHL) services through Airbnb and other online portals has created a host of new issues in residential schemes and ...

  6. Legal news
    04 May 2020
    Czech Republic & LEX COVID & Measures Regarding Leases

    The Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic adopted on 22 April 2020 two draft acts in connection with the commercial as well as non-commercial leases and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic proposed by the Government of ...

  7. Legal news
    06 April 2020
    The impact of Coronavirus on the lease contracts in the Spanish hotel sector

    The declaration of the State of Alarm last Friday, March 13, and the approval of extraordinary urgent measures to deal with the economic and social impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), has led to the application of a ...

  8. Legal news
    06 April 2020
    Effects of State of Alarm measures on lease agreements for non-residential purposes in Spain

    The declaration of the State of Alarm last Friday, 13 March, and the approval of Royal Decree 463/2020 dated 14 March, which declares the State of Alarm for the management of the health crisis caused by COVID-19, ...

  9. Legal news
    27 May 2020
    Legal alternatives in Spain for running a hotel business

    In this article we explore the rise of the hotel industry in Spain, where more and more private real estate investors are seeking to acquire hotel assets as an alternative to more mainstream real estate investments.