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  1. Legal news
    03 May 2019
    ECJ: CETA dispute settlement mechanism compatible with EU law

    On 30 April 2019, the European Court of Justice (“ECJ”) issued its long-anticipated opinion on the compatibility with EU primary law of the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (“ISDS”) mechanism contained in the ...

  2. Legal news
    06 December 2018
    Setting up a business in Belgium

    Belgium has a strategic location situated in the heart of Europe and hosts a significant number of international organisations and institutions, such as the European Union and NATO. Belgium is a welcoming environment ...

  3. Legal news
    18 December 2019
    Trade secrets and employment law

    Trade secrets are a vital asset to many companies. They are no longer secret recipes, formulas or intellectual property, but also fundamental information on pricing, business plans and client lists.

  4. Legal news
    17 December 2018
    Employability enhancing measures: good incentive, bad enforcement?

    One of the lesser commented provisions of the famous Single Status Act of 26 December 2013 ('SSA') - which is known to have harmonized dismissal rules for white- and blue-collar workers in Belgium - is the requirement, ...

  5. Legal news
    22 June 2020
    Belgium: Tax authorities defer DAC6 reporting deadlines due to COVID-19

    DAC6 reporting in Belgium would normally have kicked in as of 1 July 2020 with, amongst others, a reporting by 31 August 2020 of the arrangements advised on or implemented in the transition period between 25 June 2018 ...

  6. Legal news
    02 November 2020
    Belgium: New rules on telework and home working for the next months

    Following the deepening of the COVID-19 crisis in Belgium and the dramatic development of the public health situation, the Belgian government promulgated new rules, notably on telework and homework, to be effective from ...

  7. Legal news
    28 January 2020
    Implementation of the Trade Secret Directive – Some comments from Belgium

    In the third of our series of articles written by members of our International Trade Secrets Group, and intended to highlight particular points to note relating to the protection of Trade Secrets in various different ...

  8. Legal news
    23 March 2020
    Belgian Data Protection Update: COVID-19 & Direct Marketing & Cookies

    Amidst the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Belgian Data Protection Authority ("DPA") has very recently issued guidance on a number of recurring questions concerning the preventive measures taken by companies ...

  9. Legal news
    03 September 2020
    Cross-border: Recording of working time, home-working and the burden of proof – a lethal mix?

    Following the ECJ ruling of 14 May 2019 on workers’ fundamental right to limitation of working hours and employers' obligation to ensure proper recording and measurement of working time (case C-55/18), there has been a ...

  10. Legal news
    27 May 2020
    Brussels fines Melia €6.6m for discriminating against clients based on their residence

    As reported in the Spanish press, the European Commission (EC) has imposed a fine of 6,678,000€ on the Spanish hotel group Meliá Hotels for operating with clauses that discriminate between consumers in the European ...