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  1. Legal news
    13 October 2021
    Another milestone judgment in EU merger control: General Court upholds EC position on gun-jumping by Altice

    On 24 April 2018, the European Commission (“Commission”) imposed a total fine of 124.5 million euros for implementing its 2014 acquisition of PT Portugal (“PT”) prior to receiving EU Commission clearance (two different ...

  2. Legal news
    15 April 2019
    EC Expert Group calls for changes to antitrust enforcement in digital markets

    In these final months of Margrethe Vestager's mandate as European Competition Commissioner, she is pursuing a serious reflection on whether or not traditional competition rules and principles are fit for purpose in this ...

  3. Legal news
    16 February 2021
    New Commission Notice on relevant market likely to be more focussed on digital markets

    The consultation on the Commission Notice on relevant market definition has finished and sparked many responses pressing for more guidance on digital markets. This article will discuss which topics are likely to be ...

  4. Legal news
    15 December 2020
    State aid – Green Deal and Digitalisation in a challenging year 2021

    Several new developments can be expected to unfold in 2021, in particular, in view of the European Green Deal and the ambitious digitalisation plans of the European Commission.

  5. Legal news
    20 January 2021
    Commission’s report on the implementation of the Damages Directive

    On 14 December 2020, the European Commission published a report on the implementation of Directive 2014/104/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council (“the Damages Directive”). Overall, the Commission is positive ...

  6. Legal news
    30 November 2017
    Commission adopts light touch in SEP Guidelines

    Yesterday the European Commission issued its much awaited guidance on the EU approach to Standard Essential Patents. Whilst the guidelines broadly endorse Unwired Planet v Huawei and Huawei v ZTE , what is more ...

  7. Legal news
    16 November 2020
    A competitive approach to achieving Green Deal goals

    With climate change near the top of the international political agenda, the European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen has made the Green Deal plan, together with the transition to a truly Digital Europe, into a ...

  8. Legal news
    16 December 2020
    2021 - Tougher merger control is on the horizon

    Merger control is a critical part of the competition law tool kit. However, the rapid evolution of many sectors in recent years and the emergence of new market players, especially companies with a high technological ...

  9. Legal news
    15 September 2020
    Merger control: first-ever FCA’s decision to block a transaction

    Nearly a month after issuing its new merger control guidelines, the French Competition Authority (FCA) broke new ground in merger control by issuing a blocking decision on 28 August 2020, against the joint takeover of a ...

  10. Legal news
    14 July 2020
    New UK regulatory regime on the horizon to tackle digital platforms

    The Competition and Markets Authority in the UK (CMA) has completed its market study into online platforms and digital advertising, building on the recommendations of the Furman review and published its final report on ...