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  1. Legal news
    15 December 2020
    A new EU Directive signals the start of collective actions on behalf of the EU consumer

    The EU has just passed a new Directive which aims to harmonise collective redress mechanisms for consumers across all Member States. This is a watershed moment for European class actions. We examine how the Directive ...

  2. Legal news
    30 March 2021
    UK product safety regime set for an upgrade

    With only a few months since the end of the Brexit transition period, the Office for Product Safety and Standards (“OPSS”), the UK government’s product safety body, has set in motion a consultative process aimed at ...

  3. Legal news
    19 March 2020
    Force majeure, and beyond: Other contractual and related issues on COVID-19

    Much of the recent commentary has focused on whether COVID-19 is a force majeure event which would entitle one party to suspend performance or cancel an existing contract but in this briefing we take a holistic approach ...