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  1. Legal news
    22 May 2020
    Federal Court confirms that schemes are not patentable merely because they are "new and ingenious" and are implemented using a computer

    The Federal Court of Australia has found a patent directed at a digital marketing scheme no more than a list of steps to be implemented by a computer using its well-known functions, and is not a patentable invention: ...

  2. Legal news
    03 August 2021
    Australian Court finds AI systems can be an “inventor”

    In a world first, a judge of the Federal Court of Australia has found that artificial intelligence (AI) is capable of being an “inventor” for the purposes of the Australian patent regime.

  3. Twobirds news
    24 September 2020
    Bird & Bird ATMD ranked in a total of nine practice areas and industry sectors in asialaw Profiles and asialaw Leading Lawyers 2021

    We are delighted to share that Bird & Bird ATMD has been ranked in a total of nine practice areas and industry sectors in the asialaw Profiles 2021 edition, which ranks the leading regional and domestic law firms and ...

  4. Legal news
    29 December 2020
    The Wuhan Submarine surfaces at Christmas, to be met by a Texan TRO

    Samsung had an interesting Christmas present for Ericsson: an ex-parte anti-suit injunction from Wuhan, China on Christmas morning. Ericsson replied yesterday with an Anti-Anti Suit injunction in the form of a Temporary ...

  5. Legal news
    03 June 2021
    Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and copyright law

    A topic at the edge of intellectual property law is the ambiguous relationship between non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and copyright law. NFTs have been put under the spotlight this year, as several sales of NFTs recorded ...

  6. Legal news
    23 November 2021
    The New Copyright Act – In force from 21 November 2021 in Singapore

    A raft of changes to the copyright regime have been introduced on 21 November 2021 with the new Copyright Act 2021 coming into force.

  7. Legal news
    20 September 2021
    Coming Up in Singapore: New Copyright Exception for Text and Data Mining

    The Singapore Copyright Act is undergoing a major overhaul. Following an extensive public consultation exercise which began in 2016, the proposed amendments were passed by Parliament on 13 September 2021 and are ...

  8. Legal news
    23 December 2019
    Tech & Comms 2020 Predictions

    For a third consecutive year we have asked our technology & communications specialists from around the world to identify the challenges and opportunities they expect the sector to face in 2020.