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  1. Legal news
    10 March 2021
    UK Spring Budget 2021: An employment update

    With an estimated 700,000 people having lost their jobs since the start of the pandemic, it’s no surprise that employment related issues were front and centre in last week’s Spring Budget.

  2. Legal news
    07 April 2021
    Life after Lockdown 3: the impact of the vaccine and rapid testing on returning to the workplace

    Spring is in the air and with it the welcome easing of lockdown restrictions and continued rollout of the vaccination programme. As of 1 April 2021, more than 31 million people in the UK had received their first dose ...

  3. Legal news
    25 February 2021
    London & the employer

    The COVID-19 crisis has shown employers just how much can change in a short space of time. When the pandemic hit, businesses had to transform what work looked like at lightning speed. But with remote working becoming ...

  4. Legal news
    28 April 2021
    Life after Lockdown 3 (continued): further considerations for a return to the office

    As the UK continues to wind its way cautiously through the Prime Minister’s Spring 2021 Roadmap to ease lockdown restrictions, and as the COVID-19 vaccination programme continues apace, businesses across the country are ...

  5. Legal news
    28 January 2021
    Belgium: New rules on COVID-19 teleworking

    On 26 January 2021 a new nation-wide collective bargaining agreement no. 149 (‘the CBA’) was concluded setting forth specific rules covering teleworking in Belgium during the current Corona-crisis. It will be in effect ...

  6. Legal news
    12 February 2021
    COVID-19: New Act On PCR Testing Of Labour Force Arriving From Abroad Passed And With Immediate Effect

    As a consequence of the covid-19 situation and in light of emerging new virus mutations which may entail increased dissemination, the government has decided to make it a requirement for employers engaging labour force ...

  7. Legal news
    21 January 2021
    COVID-19: Is your payment of social security affected by your employees working from home, e.g. in Sweden?

    As a rule, an employee is covered by social security in the country where the employee works, regardless of where the employee lives within the EU. There are, however, some modifications to the rules in the light of the ...

  8. Legal news
    01 February 2021
    Germany: Hotel industry in the Coronavirus crisis – German labour law options for overcoming the second lockdown

    Probably no other industry has been hit as hard as the hotel sector by the Coronavirus pandemic and the resulting restrictions on public and economic life. The entire industry has been tested with overnight stays ...

  9. Legal news
    21 April 2020
    Update: Further Clarification to Hong Kong Employment Support Scheme on 20 April 2020

    The Legislative Council Finance Committee approved funding on 18 April 2020 to launch the HK$81 billion Employment Support Scheme (ESS) as soon as possible.

  10. Legal news
    19 May 2020
    Hong Kong Update: Hong Kong Employment Support Scheme: Further implementation details on 18 May 2020

    On 18 May 2020, the Government introduced the detailed implementation plan for the Employment Support Scheme (ESS), the application of which will start at 7:00 am on Monday, 25 May 2020 via the ESS Online Portal.