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  1. Legal news
    08 April 2020
    COVID-19: Consequences for dispute resolution in Spain

    On March 14, 2020 through Royal Decree 463/2020 ("RD 463/2020") the Spanish government declared the State of Alarm for the management of the health crisis situation caused by COVID-19.

  2. Legal news
    19 March 2020
    COVID-19 Spain: Royal Decree-Law on extraordinary employment measures in relation to COVID-19

    On 18 March, the Spanish Government published a new regulation that includes employment measures for those sectors and industries affected by the effects of COVID-19

  3. Legal news
    04 May 2020
    SPTO "Spanish Patent and Trademark Office" has released its first newsletter on technological surveillance related to COVID-19

    The Spanish Patent and Trademark Office has released its first newsletter on technological surveillance related to COVID-19, its diagnosis and therapy in humans, this publication will be available quarterly.

  4. Legal news
    06 October 2020
    Spain: Remote working - main measures

    The Spanish Council of Ministers has approved the Royal Decree-Law 28/2020 of September 23rd, 2020, which is aimed at regulating remote working, after weeks of negotiations between the Government, trade unions and union ...

  5. Legal news
    01 October 2020
    Spain: (Unwanted) Spanish stays caused by COVID-19 and their tax repercussions

    Among other repercussions from COVID-19 that we have all suffered in one way or another, it is worth discussing some of the fiscal impacts that have arisen unexpectedly in light of these circumstances.

  6. Legal news
    26 May 2020
    Spain: COVID-19 Resumption of procedural time limits and statute of limitation and expiration periods

    On May 23, Royal Decree 537/2020, of May 22, extending the state of alarm declared by Royal Decree 463/2020, of March 14 (hereinafter, "RD 537/2020") entered into force.

  7. Legal news
    05 May 2020
    Spain: COVID-19 Main measures for the Administration of Justice contained in RDL 16/2020 of April 28

    In this article we offer a brief summary of some of the main procedural, technical and organisational measures in the field of the Administration of Justice incorporated by RDL 16/2020

  8. Legal news
    20 April 2020
    Financial first aid measures adopted in Spain in response to COVID-19

    Following the declaration of the state of alarm in Spain due to the COVID-19 outbreak on March 14 2020, the Spanish Government announced the implementation of a series of extraordinary measures in the financial sector ...

  9. Legal news
    11 June 2020
    Spain: COVID-19 & Your Global Renewables Supply Chain - 10 Step Guide

    The renewables sector is feeling the impact as COVID-19 begins to cause huge global disruption to supply chains. The renewables sector is heavily reliant on global supply chains for raw materials and components, as well ...

  10. Legal news
    14 April 2020
    Gambling in a State of Alarm – New Publicity Rules in Spain

    Victor Horcajuelo and Mariano Santos report on new gambling publicity rules in force in Spain resulting from the increase in use of online gambling websites during the state of alarm caused by COVID-19.