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  1. Legal news
    20 January 2020
    Brexit: Data protection and cybersecurity law implications

    So what are the data protection and cybersecurity law consequences for the UK should the UK leave the EU without an exit agreement – a no deal Brexit?

  2. Legal news
    11 April 2019
    UK & EU Data Protection Bulletin: March 2019

    Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter covering developments from late February and March.

  3. Legal news
    26 April 2019
    ICO issues new guidelines on the processing of children's data

    The ICO has released its new code on age-appropriate design. It imposes strict rules on information society service providers whose services are likely to be accessed by children

  4. Legal news
    20 May 2019
    UK & EU Data Protection Bulletin: April-May 2019

    Welcome to your monthly newsletter from Bird & Bird's UK Data Protection team. The newsletter focuses on hot topics and legal developments impacting on various aspects of the sector.

  5. Legal news
    12 November 2020
    ICO’s investigation into the data broking sector and enforcement notice to Experian

    On 27th October 2020, the ICO published a report on its investigation into data protection compliance in the direct marketing data broking sector. The ICO’s investigation focussed on offline marketing services offered ...

  6. Legal news
    15 January 2020
    Information Commissioner consults on draft Code of Practice on Direct Marketing (the ‘Code’)

    On 08 January 2020 the UK Information Commissioner published its draft Code of Practice on Direct Marketing (the ‘Code’). The Code will be open for public consultation until 4 March.

  7. Legal news
    29 October 2018
    Facebook - Cambridge Analytica monetary penalty

    The UK Information Commissioner has imposed a monetary penalty of £500,000 on Facebook Ireland Ltd and Facebook Inc. as part of her Office's investigation into Cambridge Analytica.

  8. Legal news
    29 April 2020
    Tips and pitfalls for staff monitoring in the context of COVID-19: Big Brother (probably) wants to be watching more

    One of the significant immediate impacts of COVID-19 on the working world is the sudden and enforced (or at least for the UK, heavily encouraged) shift to remote working, primarily home working.

  9. Legal news
    24 November 2020
    UK: Analysis of Information Commissioner’s £1.25 Million fine for Ticketmaster personal data breach

    On 13th November 2020, the UK Information Commissioner fined Ticketmaster £1.25 Million for a personal data breach involving skimming credit card data from its website.