Agile software development methods are now being widely used in the IT sector and are increasingly being advocated as preferable to the traditional waterfall development model. However, contracting for Agile software development projects remains a challenge. Most standard software development contracts were designed for use with the waterfall model and can be difficult to reconcile with the principles that underpin Agile working practices.

Bird & Bird have been exploring the legal questions raised by Agile software development projects.

We have developed a position paper which identifies a number of areas relating to contracting for Agile projects where we believe a fresh approach may be helpful.

In each area, we have:

• identified the challenges raised by traditional IT contracting principles; and
• proposed an alternative approach that may be more suitable for Agile projects.

Access our "Contracting for Agile software development projects" position paper >>
Your feedback

In developing a new approach to contracting for Agile projects, we are keen to hear the views of people who are already involved in Agile projects or who have an interest in Agile generally, including:

• customers procuring software on an Agile basis (or thinking of doing so);
• software developers already using Agile principles and working practices;
• lawyers and consultants involved in contracting for Agile projects; and
• trade associations whose members have experience, or an interest, in Agile methods.

We have developed a brief questionnaire to gather views and feedback: Please click here to access this survey.