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  1. Legal news
    26 February 2019
    Ofcom publishes draft TV licences for ‘no-deal Brexit’

    On 22 February 2019, Ofcom took a step towards preparing for the possibility of a 'no-deal' Brexit by publishing draft television broadcast licences for new applicants from the day of exit. Ofcom has invited comments on ...

  2. Legal news
    11 July 2019
    Fortune favours the bold broadcaster?

    Traditional broadcasters are having a tough time. The vast and ever-growing library of low cost, high quality content that consumers can access on-demand, on any device, with no fixed contract and increasingly fast ...

  3. Legal news
    16 July 2019
    Doing the right thing: accessibility and OTT broadcasters

    On 9 April 2019, the General Affairs Council of the European Union adopted a proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council in respect of accessibility requirements for products and services (the ...

  4. Legal news
    09 February 2021
    Broadcasting subsector series: a radical shakeup part 3. The wrong answer to the right question? A look at whether enhancing the prominence regime is really the right way to help public service broadcasters.

    In its report Small Screen: Big Debate, Ofcom’s vision of the future of public service broadcasting (PSB) is set out as an urgent appeal for radical reform. The issue of prominence is identified as the key catalyst in ...

  5. Legal news
    21 March 2018
    Reports of Trade Mark Cases for CIPA - March 2018

    In this month's report, we analyse the questions referred to the CJ by the High Court in Sky v Skykick. We also report on the unsuccessful trade mark opposition by Starbucks against a mark that allegedly infringed their ...

  6. Legal news
    16 April 2020
    Broadcasting & OTT Podcast, part 1: the piracy issue & a technological response

    In the latest MediaWrites article, Richard McMorris leads a two-part podcast, part one being with Rebecca O'Kelly-Gillard and Philippe Bradley-Schmieg, focusing on issues facing broadcasting, content, media and OTT ...

  7. Legal news
    23 January 2017
    Swimming against the stream: preventing live streaming of sporting events

    This article looks at the current law and the protection it affords sport rights owners, whether the law sufficiently protects those rights in the face of developing technologies, and what steps rights owners may ...

  8. Legal news
    13 January 2021
    Collaboration after COVID-19 – a new era for football broadcasting rights?

    DAZN and the J.League, Japanese football’s top league, recently announced a restructure of their broadcasting partnership that will see the annual rights fee received by the J.League reduced, but in return for this the ...

  9. Legal news
    18 January 2021
    English Premier League wins latest round in battle over satellite decoder cards

    In the latest case involving the commercial use in the UK of a domestic satellite decoder card acquired from a foreign broadcaster, the English Court of Appeal rejected a pub owner's argument that the Premier League ...