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  1. Legal news
    19 April 2021
    Competition on the market for digital platforms in Sweden

    In February 2021 the Swedish Competition Authority (“SCA”) published a report which covers the increasing influence of digital platforms within the field of competition law.

  2. Legal news
    13 July 2021
    The Swedish Competition Authority, Konkurrensverket, (“the SCA”) has developed a new method for determining the size of fines for infringements of competition law

    The revision of the method for determining the size of fines has inter alia happened as a result of the recent implementation of the ECN+ Directive, which has increased the decision-making powers of the SCA, including ...

  3. Legal news
    18 August 2021
    Quick reactions prevented paint industry from being stained – The SCA investigated possible anti-competitive conduct in trade association

    A recent investigation by the Swedish Competition Authority (“SCA”) into discussions in a trade forum demonstrates that it is crucial that participants react quickly if any information that may potentially be considered ...

  4. Legal news
    17 November 2020
    The Nordic competition authorities in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden release a joint memorandum on digital platforms and the future of European policy on issues of competition in digital markets

    In order to contribute to the ongoing policy discussion on the challenges following the rise of digital technologies, the Nordic competition authorities have published a memorandum entitled “Digital platforms and the ...

  5. Legal news
    29 August 2018
    Blockchain technology and competition law - issues to be considered

    Blockchain has been labelled the single most important innovation since the advent of the internet and many foresee that this information technology has the ability to change the way business is carried out in the ...