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  1. Legal news
    22 January 2021
    Italian 2021 Budget Law: new electronic communications regulatory requirements for search engines and online intermediaries

    With the new Law n. 178/2020 (“2021 Budget Law”), online intermediation services and online search engines offering services in Italy, even if not established on Italian territory, have been given two new obligations.

  2. Legal news
    12 October 2020
    The Geo-blocking Regulation: state of play and a closer look at Italy

    The Geo-blocking Regulation came into force on 22 March 2018. It provides that the Member States shall lay down the rules setting out the measures applicable to infringements of the Geo-blocking Regulation and the ...

  3. Legal news
    21 July 2021
    AgCom publishes the Resolutions defining the new obligations for online search engines and online intermediaries

    With the Italian Budget Law 2021 (Law no. 178/2020), the Italian legislator has implemented EU Regulation 2019/1150 (“P2B Regulation”), entrusting the Authority for Communications Guarantees (“AgCom”) with the role of ...

  4. Legal news
    15 June 2021
    Google fined EUR 102 million for abusing its dominant position in the Android Auto platform

    On 13 May 2021, the Italian Competition Authority (ICA) fined Google for its refusal to publish an app developed by Enel X Italia (“JuicePass”) on Android Auto allowing electric vehicle drivers to search and book an ...

  5. Legal news
    18 August 2021
    TIM-DAZN agreement on Serie A broadcasting under Antitrust scrutiny

    On 8 July 2021, the Italian Competition Authority (“AGCM”) opened an antitrust probe against TIM (the Italian incumbent telecom operator) and DAZN (the live sports streaming service) for possible anti-competitive ...

  6. Legal news
    18 August 2020
    ICA launches investigation into Apple and Amazon for alleged restrictions in the online sale of Apple and Beats branded products

    On 22 July, the Italian Competition Authority (the "ICA") announced it had opened an investigation against Apple and Amazon for an alleged violation of article 101 TFEU.

  7. Legal news
    13 October 2021
    Waste-recycling sector under scrutiny in two abuse of dominant position proceedings in Italy

    Following the adoption of the Green Deal, the interlink between competition law enforcement and environment protection is more visible not only at EU level, but also at a national level. Out of the three proceedings ...

  8. Legal news
    28 February 2020
    Europe's digital roadmap indicates two-pronged approach to platform economy and competition rules

    Margrethe Vestager gave an indication of how she intends to use her enhanced powers as both digital czar and competition law enforcer, when the European Commission presented its roadmap for Europe’s digital future on 19 ...

  9. Legal news
    20 January 2021
    Final act in the judicial saga on the TV broadcasting rights for Italian football championship

    On 28 December 2020, the Italian Supreme Administrative Court (Consiglio di Stato – "CDS") issued a judgment marking the last act in the national judicial dispute related to the assignment of the Lega Serie A (i.e. the ...