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  1. Legal news
    14 January 2019
    General Data Protection Regulation

    Our guide to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) seeks to summarise the key changes that the new law will bring and to highlight the most important actions which organisations should take in preparing to ...

  2. Legal news
    14 November 2018
    Finland supplements the GDPR: the Parliament approves the new Data Protection Act

    On 13.11.2018 the Finnish Parliament approved the Data Protection Act (tietosuojalaki). That act complements the GDPR and repeals the Personal Data Act of 1999.

  3. Legal news
    12 September 2018
    Belgium implements the GDPR: new Privacy Act published and in force

    On September 5, 2018, the much-anticipated Belgian Privacy Act ("BPA" or the "Act") implementing the GDPR and repealing the Privacy Act of 1992 was published in the Belgian Official Gazette.

  4. Legal news
    09 November 2018
    CNIL publishes list of data processing operations requiring a DPIA

    Ariane Mole and Merav Griguer summarise the CNIL's list of categories for data processing that require a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA).

  5. Legal news
    26 January 2018
    China Cybersecurity Law update: Personal Information National Standards officially published!

    The final text of the "Information Security Technology – Personal Information Security Specification" (Personal Information National Standards) is finally published after much anticipation.