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  1. Legal news
    31 October 2018
    UAE Tourist VAT Refund set to begin on 18 November 2018

    The UAE Federal Tax Authority ("FTA") has announced that the first phase of the Tax Refund for Tourists Scheme (the "Scheme") will start on 18 November, 2018

  2. Legal news
    23 April 2018
    The Dutch 30% ruling to be limited to 5 years

    The maximum applicable period for the 30% allowance facility (also called the 30% ruling) will be limited to 5 years as from January 1, 2019 in the Netherlands.

  3. Legal news
    16 October 2018
    Reduction of 30% ruling duration deferred for existing cases

    Grandfathering rules will be implemented for the reduction of the maximum duration of the 30% ruling from 8 to 5 years. The grandfathering rules will apply to employees currently working under a 30%-ruling.

  4. Legal news
    19 September 2018
    Dutch tax plan 2019: what will change in Dutch tax law?

    On Budget Day, September 18, 2018, the Dutch government released the 2019 Budget, which includes the proposals for amendments to the Dutch tax laws (i.e. the 2019 Dutch tax plan).

  5. Legal news
    02 February 2018
    Three changes to keep in mind after amendments to the Dutch dividend withholding tax Act

    Willem Bongaerts and Rik van de Meerendonk highlight three changes to keep in mind after amendments to the Dutch dividend withholding tax Act

  6. Legal news
    23 October 2018
    Tax: New 2019 French Patent/Software box regime

    In order to bring the preferential tax regime applicable to patents and other intangible rights into compliance with OECD and European standards, a new taxation regime for income generated by industrial property and ...

  7. Legal news
    19 March 2018
    Value added tax introduced in the United Arab Emirates

    On the 1st of January 2018, the United Arab Emirates implemented a 5% VAT on a majority of goods and services.