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  1. Legal news
    21 January 2019
    When is an air carrier not an air carrier? A Regulation 261 anomaly

    On 6 December 2018 the European Court of Justice ("ECJ") issued a preliminary ruling concerning the interpretation of EU Regulation 261/2004 ("Regulation 261") Article 2(a), Article 5(1)(c) and Article 7(1). These ...

  2. Legal news
    15 May 2019
    Electric propulsion of aircraft: market update

    Electric propulsion of aircraft is a growing phenomenon in a sector subject to mounting scrutiny with regard to its environmental impact. Here, our Aviation team looks at some of the political, industrial and regulatory ...

  3. Legal news
    17 October 2019
    Passenger compensation for denied boarding: the limits to standard compensation, and an airline's obligations when re-routing under Regulation 261

    Our Aviation Regulatory team looks at the European Court's recent clarification of airline's obligations around passenger compensation, including duty of assistance.

  4. Legal news
    18 January 2019
    Policy divergence on "no deal" Brexit airline traffic rights

    The possibility of a "no deal" Brexit has focused attention on the basis on which flights would continue to operate between the UK and EU27 in that event.

  5. Legal news
    15 January 2019
    Would the delays caused by the impoundment of an aircraft due to the airline's failure to pay an outstanding debt to local authorities amount to an "extraordinary circumstance" under EC 261/2004?

    On 8 November 2018 the press reported that Ryanair was required to pay approximately €525,000, according to regional airport officials, to secure the return of a Boeing aircraft impounded at Bordeaux airport.

  6. Legal news
    15 January 2019
    Wet-leasing: European Council agrees amendment to EC 1008/2008 for consistency with the EU/US Open Skies agreement

    Many airlines operating in Europe have had to deal with the limitations and control on use of wet-lease capacity whether leasing "in" or "out", and in particular when non-EU wet lessors are involved.

  7. Legal news
    13 June 2019
    Can foreign litigants be bound by English jurisdiction clauses contained in contracts to which they are not a party?

    Competing jurisdiction clauses and whether foreign litigants can be bound by English jurisdiction clauses contained in contracts to which they are not a party considered in the recent The English Court of Appeal ...

  8. Legal news
    18 June 2019
    International aviation & climate change: the UK's net-zero emissions proposition

    Following World Environment Day on 5 June, and the UK Government's announcement of a net-zero emissions target by 2050, we look at the report from the UK Committee on Climate Change, which has significant implications ...

  9. Legal news
    15 January 2019
    European Parliament proposes enhanced sanctions to enforce implementation of Regulation 261 on air passenger rights

    Air passenger consumer rights and Regulation 261 continue to make the headlines with further cases and continued debate over the balance between passengers and airlines. At the request of the European Parliament's ...

  10. Legal news
    18 December 2019
    CCCS Approves Removal of Emirates' Singapore-Brisbane Capacity Commitments; Public Feedback Sought on Proposed Commercial Cooperation between Singapore Airlines and Malaysia

    Under Singapore competition laws, not all mergers give rise to competition issues. A "merger" from a competition law angle would encompass the acquisition of a majority stake of one entity in another, or the transfer or ...