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  1. Legal news
    02 May 2018
    Vaccination requirements to the health care sector in Finland

    A new Infectious Diseases Act (the "Act") came into force on 1 March 2017 in Finland. As a new obligation, Section 48 of the Act stipulates that specific employees and interns in the health care sector must have ...

  2. Legal news
    12 December 2017
    Does an employer have an obligation to offer work and provide training when consecutive fixed-term contracts expire?

    In August 2017, the Finnish Supreme Court gave the ruling 2017:55 regarding an employer's obligation to offer work and provide training when a fixed-term contract expires.

  3. Legal news
    06 October 2020
    Anticipated changes in Finnish non-competition agreements

    The legislation regarding non-competition clauses in Finland is facing significant changes, with proposed amendments aiming to restrict the use of non-competition agreements. A Government draft bill suggests amending ...

  4. Legal news
    28 January 2019
    The employers right to manage work in Sweden, Finland and Denmark

    Our Nordic employment team takes a look at the employer's right to manage work in Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Issues such as assigning/changing work tasks, place of work, supervision, working hours and more are ...

  5. Legal news
    03 September 2019
    The employer's obligation to negotiate's-obligation-to-negotiate

    Our Nordic employment team gives a brief overview of the employer's obligation to negotiate in Denmark, Finland and Sweden.

  6. Legal news
    05 December 2019
    Post-Employment Obligations

    In Sweden, Denmark as well as in Finland, an employee has a general duty of loyalty towards her/his employer. This means that the employee, among other things, must protect the employer's business information and ...

  7. Legal news
    19 March 2019

    In Denmark, the various rules regarding discrimination are implemented on the basis of Directives from EU with the purpose to ensure, that all employees are treated equally in all aspects of the employment.

  8. Legal news
    10 May 2019
    Nordics: Employers' work environment duties

    In Finland, Denmark and Sweden, the employer is responsible for their employees' work environment. What is the responsibility with respect to agency workers?

  9. Legal news
    07 February 2017
    Changes to Swedish discrimination law: how will this affect employers?

    n 1 January 2017, amendments were made to the Swedish Discrimination Act (Sw. Diskrimineringslagen (2008:567) (the "Discrimination Act"). As of this date, employers and educational institutions will have a duty to take ...